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In 1907 houses in Balsall Heath had no water inside the house or one cold tap in the kitchen. If people wanted a bath they needed to collect water and heat it up over a fire to have a bath. When the baths opened they were divided into areas for rich ‘First Class’ people and poor ‘Second Class’ people. There were also different areas for men and women. Moseley Road Baths had 46 private baths altogether.

“I arrived in Britain in 1966 and lived on Highgate Road. It was a shared house, shared kitchen, toilet, everything. We didn’t have a bath, so I went to the washing baths at Moseley Road sometimes twice a week, It was part of our weekly routine and you’d meet lots of people there. It was about a shilling for a child. Dad would give me half a crown and I’d have a bath and then get something to eat.”.Abdul Hamid (1960s)


Womens Slipper Baths

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