Learning to Swim Toggle

Since Moseley Road Baths opened, thousands of children and adults have learnt to swim there. Many people have very clear memories of swimming lessons, and most people remember their swimming instructors. Mrs Yates, Mr Eggison and Gerry Thain were some of the instructors who worked at Moseley Road Baths for many years, and lots of people have shared their memories of how they taught them to swim.

“The pool at Moseley Road Baths is perfect for teaching, ideal in size, it’s slightly deeper in the shallow end than modern pools but the buoyancy helps children swim better. It has steps in each corner which is great for the children to get in and out of the water, especially in the deep end.”Sue Thornton – Swimming Instructor

Gerry Thain 2

Listen to people talking about their memories of learning to swim at the pool.