Reception Toggle

Today there is only one reception and ticket office open – it used to be the ‘Men’s First Class’ entrance.  There used to be three entrances.  Each of them had the same beautiful tiles and mosaic flooring.

You can still find a lot of old features from when the building first opened.  These include the ‘Electric Bell System’ which allowed people having a bath who wanted the attention of the attendant to ring a bell and get assistance.  Can you read the sign for people having baths which tells them what to do if they feel unwell?

The drinking fountain is still in the Reception area, but now it is partly covered by a vending machine which sells fizzy drinks instead of water!

The staff at the pool put up the temperature of the water on the board every day.  The pool is warmer than some other pools in Birmingham, which is good for babies and small children, or for people who are elderly or disabled.