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Pool 2 is one of two pools at Moseley Road Baths, the other one has been closed since 2003. It is used throughout the week by the whole community. Sessions include school swimming lessons, ‘Strokes’ swimming classes for children, lane swimming, pool parties, women and men only sessions, parent and toddler classes, Aquarobics and sessions for groups such as ‘Moseley Shoals’. Children can go during the Public Swim sessions – if they are under eight they need to go with an adult. To check swim times have a look at the timetable.

Pool 2 is the ‘Second Class’ pool. It doesn’t have a balcony or such beautiful cubicles. However, it still has the same mosaic floor, beautiful ironwork and tiles. Many people enjoy swimming at Moseley Road Baths because they like getting changed in the cubicles. The windows in the roof also let in lots of light, making lovely patterns in the water. The whole pool was repainted in 2012.

When the building opened in 1907 Pool 2 used to close for swimming during the Winter as it was difficult and expensive to heat the water during the cold weather. During that time the pool was emptied of water and covered with a floor. It was used for social events, including games such as billiards and cards, or for dances. The dances were very popular and took place until the early 1950s.

The pool was used during World War Two for a very different purpose. When Birmingham was bombed the space was used to treat people who had been wounded. Bombing raids happened at night, so every evening the Doctor would work there with local women who trained as volunteer nurses. There were bunk beds for staff and the wall at the end of the pool had two doorways added for ambulances to come in and out.