Gala Pool Toggle

The Gala Pool is the biggest, and most beautiful, of the two swimming pools at Moseley Road Baths. This was the pool for ‘First Class’ people. There are 63 cubicles for getting changed along the side of the pool, with a balcony above for spectators.

As well as parents sitting on the balcony to watch their children swim, the balcony was used by schools, Scout Clubs and swimming clubs to cheer swimmers on during ‘Galas’. A Gala is a swimming race, a bit like a school sports day. There were some serious races, and others were a bit silly, such as an egg and spoon race where you had to balance a boiled egg on a spoon that you held in your mouth!

The Pool closed in August 2003 because the balcony was no longer safe. There are lots of ideas of how the space could be used if it was no longer used for swimming. These ideas include a theatre, a gym, a space for dancing. However, many, many people have signed petitions and campaigned to get funds for it to reopen as a swimming pool.