First Floor Toggle

Behind the Reception is a staircase which is currently closed to the public. Unfortunately no-one apart from the staff can go upstairs now as a lot of it isn’t very safe, but until 2003 these stairs were used to get onto the balcony above the Gala Pool.

The stairs also lead to other parts of the building. The ‘money taker’ used to live upstairs with his family. The bedrooms and bathrooms are in a very poor state of disrepair, but it is still possible to see some of the wallpaper on the walls. At the front of the building is the large ‘Committee’ or ‘Club’ room. This is the room with the fireplace and the scaffolding. This was used for meetings of the ‘Baths Committee’ which made lots of decisions about the running of the building. Swimming Clubs also used the room for meetings.

Even upstairs you can still see the beautiful tiles, ironwork and stained glass windows. Many people think that the upstairs space could be used for exciting new things if the money could be found to repair it.