Boiler House Toggle

The Boiler House and the Engine House next to it are where all of the water is heated up ready to swim in. Hot water was also needed for the washing baths when they were open.

When the building first opened there were two coal powered boilers. Someone had to shovel coal into the boilers all day to keep the fire burning to heat the water – a very dirty job! Water used to come from underground, pumped up via a very deep well.

Now the boilers use gas to heat the water, the same as most houses. There are lots of pipes and valves so that the staff can control the temperature of the water. The water no longer comes from a well, it comes from the ‘mains’, exactly the same as turning on a tap.

The two blue cylindrical tanks are ‘filter tanks’. They clean the water that comes from the mains by filtering the water through lots of special sand. The water is then ‘chlorinated’ by the pool staff, who add a tablet to the water. The chlorine keeps the pool free from germs.