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Over three years we have worked extensively in local Primary Schools to deliver oral history film projects where pupils have created a series of films from their own filmed oral history interviews with members of the public.

“It was excellent because the pupils do not gain as much by just reading, but listening to people’s memories brought it alive for them. They then went home and asked their parents and grandparents about their memories, not just of the Baths, but of school and childhood. It was an excellent project because it inspired the children to see the past as important.”Celia Reeves (Anderton Park School)

IMG_3664PoMP - Percy Shurmer SchoolPark Hill Pool of MemoriesPupils at Moseley Road BathsIMG_3639

We are now looking to use the resources that we have created to assist teachers in developing schemes of work, either about the Baths, or more generally about local history.  So far we have worked in KS2, but we have tried to adapt our resources to be explored by a range of different audiences.

This website is part of a comprehensive set of resources that can be used by local schools to explore the history and heritage of Moseley Road Baths.

The Friends of Moseley Road Baths can offer:

  • 10 exhibition ‘roller banners’ for a temporary exhibition, to be used together or individually
  • Tours of the building
  • An interactive DVD including lots of filmed interviews with people discussing their memories of the Baths
  • Worksheets to explore the building thematically.  See our download page.
  • Copies of ‘Pool of Memories – A History of Moseley Road Baths’
  • Access to our archive of memories

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